Innovation and technology transfer

ISLA will develop a set of “building block” components and a “tool-kit” of processes to define an integrated modular common platform for two micron fibre lasers consisting of compatible and self-consistent fibre, components, laser diodes and processing techniques. Not only will advances beyond the state-of-the-art in each of these four areas be achieved, but this will be attained through a coordinated programme to deliver a genuinely integrated technology platform. CW, pulsed and ultra-short lasers will be demonstrated through industrial applications (transparent plastic cutting and PV cell scribing.

Laser material processing.

ISLA Technology
The project results will be promoted within recognised standards bodies to benefit the whole of EU industry. ISLA has the following technology objectives suitable for technology transfer:

1.) Fibre

To develop a compatible family of rare-earth doped silica fibres for optimised generation of laser output in the 2µm wavelength regime in both CW and high-peak-power pulsed modes of operation. The focus will be on Ho-doped fibres designed for ultra-efficient in-band pumping by Tm fibre lasers.

2.) Components

To develop a set of compatible integrated components to enable the development of 2µm fibre lasers:

  • Added functionality 2µm fused fibre building block components

  • Novel 2µm isolator components

  • Novel 2µm modulators

  • Saturable absorber CNT modelocker.

3.) Laser diodes

To develop 79x nm diodes with integrated functionality for direct pumping of 2µm fibre lasers

4.) Demonstration

To present the ISLA technology advances and the potential of 2µm fibre laser technology in CW, pulsed and short pulse regimes by demonstrations of the following:

• Transparent plastic cutting using Demo Laser 1: 500W CW SM 2.0-2.1µm Ho-doped fibre laser

• Photovoltaic material processing using Demo Laser 2: 20W, 10mJ pulse energy Ho-doped pulsed 2.0-2.1µm Q-switched fibre laser

• Operational short pulse devices in the 2-2.1µm regime using Demo Laser 3: 100W, sub-ps SM short pulse 2µm fibre MOPA with Ho-doped fibre power amplifier.

More information

ISLA technology will benefit industry, including SMEs, in a wide range of application areas, for example: materials processing, sensing, bio-medical and telecommunications. To find out more about technology transfer from the ISLA project, the demonstration activity or joining the ISLA Advisory Group, please contact:

Dr. Bruce R. Napier; Vivid Components Ltd.


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