Journal papers

Ultra-short wavelength operation of a thulium fibre laser in the 1660–1750 nm wavelength band
J. M. O. Daniel, N. Simakov, M. Tokurakawa, M. Ibsen and W. A. Clarkson
Optics Express 23, p. 18269 (Jul-2015)


Saturable absorption behavior of free-standing graphene polymer composite films over broad wavelength and time ranges
Yanyan Feng, Ningning Dong, Gaozhong Wang, Yuanxin Li, Saifeng Zhang, Kangpeng Wang, Long Zhang, Werner J. Blau, and Jun Wang
Optics Express 23, p 559 (Jan-2015)


Tunable effective nonlinear refractive index of graphene dispersions during the distortion of spatial self-phase modulation
Gaozhong Wang, Saifeng Zhang, Fadhil A. Umran, Xin Cheng, Ningning Dong, Darragh Coghlan, Ya Cheng, Long Zhang, Werner J. Blau and Jun Wang
Applied Physics Letters 104 p. 141909 (Apr-2014)


First demonstration of a 2µm few-mode TDFA for mode division multiplexing
Y. Jung, P. C. Shardlow, M. Belal, Z. Li, A. M. Heidt, J. M. O. Daniel, D. Jain, J. K. Sahu, W. A. Clarkson et al.
Optics Express 22, pp. 10544-10549 (May-2014)


Hybrid Plasmonic Nanostructures with Unconventional Nonlinear Optical Properties
Yong Zhang, Jing Jing Wang, Kyle E. Ballantine, Paul R. Eastham and Werner J. Blau,
Advanced Optical Materials 2, p. 331-337 (Feb-2014)


Ag-stabilized few-layer graphene dispersions in low boiling point solvents for versatile nonlinear optical applications
Zhenyu Sun, Ningning Dong, Kangpeng Wang, Dennis König, et al.
Carbon 62, p. 182-192 (Oct-2013)


Controllable broadband nonlinear optical response of graphene dispersions by tuning vacuum pressure
Xin Cheng, Ningning Dong, Bin Li, Xiaoyan Zhang, Saifeng Zhang, Jia Jiao, Werner J. Blau, Long Zhang, and Jun Wang
Optics Express 21, p 16486-16493 (Jul-2013)


Nonlinear Properties of Graphene Dispersions and Thin Films at a Wavelength of 1.2 µm
Aidan Murray and Werner Blau
J. Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics 8, p23-27 (Jan-2013) 


Feature issue introduction: nanocarbon for photonics and optoelectronics
Werner Blau and Wei Ji
Optical Materials Express 2, p. 891-2 (Jun-2012)


Conference publications

CLEO Europe 2015 
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics
21-25 Jun-2015; Munich, Germany

Null-frequency-shift acousto-optic tunable filter for wavelength tuning of a Tm fibre laser
Peter Shardlow, Jon Ward, Chris Pannell, Stefano Valle, W. Andrew Clarkson
Paper CJ-14.6

Optimising Tm-Doped Silica Fibres for High Lasing Efficiency
Peter Shardlow, Deepak Jain, Richard Parker, Jayanta Sahu, W. Andrew Clarkson
Paper CJ-14.3


Laser World of Photonics Exhibition
21-25 Jun-2015; Munich, Germany
ISLA – Two micrometer Sources and Toolset for Enhanced Material Processing
Andrew Roberton


ICU 2015
International Conference on Ultrasonics 2015
11-14 May-2015; Metz, France
Matched Pair of AOTFs with Net Zero Frequency-Shift
Jon Ward

Photonics West 2015
10-12 Feb-2015; San Francisco, USA
Optical isolators for 2-micron fibre lasers
Gary Stevens ; Thomas H. Legg ; Peter Shardlow
Proc. SPIE 9346, Components and Packaging for Laser Systems, 93460O (Feb-2015)


ECOC 2014
European Conference on Optical Communication 2014
21-25 Sep-2014; Cannes, France
90 nm gain extension towards 1.7 µm for diode-pumped silica-based thulium-doped fiber amplifiers

Li, Z.; Alam, S.U. ; Daniel, J.M.O. ; Shardlow, P.C. ; Jain, D. ; Simakov, N. ; Heidt, A.M. ; Jung, Y. ; Sahu, J.K. ; Clarkson, W.A. ; Richardson, D.J.


9th Torunian Carbon Symposium
14-18 Sep-2014; Toruń, Poland
Werner Blau
Invited paper


9th International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Nano-Structured Materials
08-11 Sep-2014; Dublin, Ireland
Carbon-based Nanomaterials and Self-Assembled Nanohybrids as Versatile Materials Platform for Optoelectronics and Nanophotonics
Werner Blau
Invited paper INV-17


ISLC 2014
International Semiconductor Laser Conference 2014
07-10 Sep-2014; Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Recent Progress in Semiconductor Laser for Fiber Laser Applications 
Pawlik, S.; Todt, R. ; Moser, M. ; Zibik, E.A. ; Lichtenstein, N.


International Workshop on Nanocarbon Photonics and Optoelectronics
28-Jul to 01-Aug-2014; Polvijärvi, Finland
Rational bottom-up assembly of tailored molecular aggregates on nanocarbon for high sensitivity nonlinear optical and light harvesting applications 
W. Blau


IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting
14-16 Jul-2014; Montreal, Canada
Few-Mode TDFA for Mode Division Multiplexing at 2µm
Shardlow, P.C. ; Belal, M. ; Li, Z. ; Heidt, A.M. ; Daniel, J.M.O. ; Jain, D. ; Sahu, J.K. ; Clarkson, W.A.


CLEO 2014
08-13 Jun-2014; San Jose, USA
Effect of seed linewidth on few-moded fiber amplifiers
Jae M. Daniel, Nikita Simakov, Peter C. Shardlow, and W. A. Clarkson
ISBN: 978-1-55752-999-2


2014 Ireland-China Symposium on Nanotechnology
12-14 May-2014; Dublin, Ireland
Carbon-based Nanomaterials and Self-Assembled Nanohybrids as Versatile Materials Platform for Optoelectronics and Nanophotonics

Werner Blau
Plenary lecture


MRS Spring Meeting
21-25 Apr-2014; San Francisco, USA
Nanocarbon Based Materials for Non-Linear Optical Applications and Ultrafast Laser Applications
Werner Blau
Paper JJ2.05


Photonics Europe 2014
14-16 Apr-2014; Brussels, Belgium
Fibre laser component technology for 2-micron laser systems 
G. Stevens ; A. Robertson
Proc. SPIE 9135, Laser Sources and Applications II, 91350N


Photonics West 2014 
01-06 Feb-2014; San Francisco, USA
High power pump laser diodes for 2µm fibre laser 
S. Pawlik, R. Todt, M. Moser, O. Romero, N. Lichtenstein
Proc. SPIE 8965, High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications XII, 89650R


WSOF 2013
Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and their Applications
28-30 Aug-2013; Sigtuna, Sweden
Specialty Doped Fibers in High Power Lasers 
Jayanta K. Sahu, Deepak Jain, Andrew Webb, Seongwoo Yoo, and Timothy C. May-Smith
ISBN: 978-1-55752-984-8


CLEO Europe 2013
The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics
12-16 May-2013; Munich, Germany

Bandwidth-Controllable Tunable Q-Switched Thulium Fibre Laser
J. M. O. Daniel and W. A. Clarkson
ISBN: 978-1-4799-0594-2; Paper CJ_10_2

Ultra-broadband Wavelength Swept Tm-doped Fibre Laser
M. Tokurakawa, J. M. O. Daniel, S. Chenug, H. Liang, and W. A. Clarkson
ISBN: 978-1-4799-0594-2; Paper CJ_7_5


5th EPS-QEOD Europhoton Conference
26-31 Aug-2012; Stockholm, Sweden
Power-scalable wavelength-agile fibre laser source at two-microns
J.M.O. Daniel


NPO 2012
International Workshop Nanocarbon Photonics and Optoelectronics
29-Jul-2012; Polvijärvi, Finland
Graphene based materials for nonlinear optical applications and ultrafast laser applications
A. Murray & W. Blau


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