ISLA workshop

Räter Park Hotel, Munich, Germany
FRI 26-Jun-2015

This workshop was a highly successful event, and included presentations on all the ISLA component technology, as well as a series of superb guest speakers who presented on various applications for two micron laser technology. Public versions of the presentations are available below.

Thanks once again to the fifty attendees and speakers who made the event such a success!

ISLA project presentations
Introduction to ISLA Gary Stevens; Gooch and Housego (Torquay)
Fibres for 2 µm Prof. Andy Clarkson; ORC Southampton
Passive components for 2 µm fibre laser Gary Stevens; Gooch and Housego (Torquay)
Active components for 2 µm fibre lasers Jon Ward; Gooch and Housego (UK)
Modelockers based on graphene Prof. Werner Blau; Trinity College Dublin
Pump lasers at 79x nm Dr. Susanne Pawlik; II-VI Laser Enterprise
2 µm ps-lasers Dr. Peter Hofmann; JDSU Ultrafast
CW and pulsed lasers at 2 µm for material processing applications Dr. Sina Riecke; ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH
Guest presentations on 2 µm laser applications
2 µm laser development and applications* Dr. Samir Lamrini; LISA Laser
Medical applications of 2 µm lasers Dr. Ronald Sroka; Hospital of University Munich
OCT for cultural heritage using 2 µm broadband lasers Dr. Haida Liang; Nottingham Trent University
2 µm lasers for MIR frequency conversion Dr. Eric Lallier; Thales Research and Technology
Telecoms applications for 2 µm lasers (MODEGAP project) Prof. David Richardson; ORC Southampton
2 µm lasers as pump sources to the mid-IR Dr. Lasse Leick; NKT Photonics
Free space communications using 2 µm lasers† Florian Moll; Institute of Communications and Navigation

These slides are not in the public domain. For more information, please contact:

* SLamrini<at>lisalaser<dot>de

† Florian<dot>Moll<at>dlr<dot>de


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