Project video

A short video providing a summary of the project “in a nutshell.”



The following documents provide further information on the ISLA project:


Biannual newsletters will be produced describing the project progress:

Newsletter 6 (Aug-2015)
Summary of the project outputs

Newsletter 5 (Oct-2014)
High power isolator and combiner testing, graphene modelockers and rare earth fibres

Newsletter 4 (Nov-2013)
Diode development, modelockers, ISLA at WSOF 2013 & ICT 2013

Newsletter 3 (Apr-2013)
Component progress: optical isolators, Tm and Ho fibres and high power combiners

Newsletter 2 (Oct-2012)
Update on technology developments, including low OH Tm fibres and fused components

Newsletter 1 (Apr-2012)
An introduction to the project with contact information for the key topics


Project information

ISLA presentation in joint EC-project workshop
Organised by the LASHARE project at Laser World of Photonics, Munich 25-Jun-2015

Project presentation
Generic ISLA presentation describing the main objectives and themes
(Updated 30-Aug-2012)

Project flyer
2-sided A5 flyer overview of ISLA

Overview of carbon nanotubes as non-linear media
Trinity College Dublin summary of CNTs for photonic applications


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