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The final ISLA newsletter, containing a summary of the recent project achievements, is now available from the project website.

The highlights include:

• Thulium fibres with 70% slope efficiency at >100 W output
• Holmium fibres with 75% slope efficiency
• Amplitude modulators and tuneable filters
• Fibre-coupled isolators, pump combiners and low loss taps
• Wavelength-flattened couplers
• Fibre-coupled silicon pulse pickers
• Graphene-based modelockers
• 793 nm diodes >38 W in 105 μm fibre with 0.15 NA demonstrated
• Wavelength stabilised 793 nm diodes with 60% power conversion efficiency.

Although the project finished at the end of Jun-2015, work continues on two micron components and sources.

If you have any questions or ideas for collaboration, please get in touch!

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Link to newsletter:


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