ISLA is now in its final year, and has entered the demonstration phase.

The consortium has decided to use real industrial applications to test the ISLA two micron fibre lasers on representative commercial operations.

We will be contacting several organisations that have made both suggestions for testing and offers to supply parts for the demonstration.

There are three parts to the activity:

• Transparent plastic cutting using Demo Laser 1: 500 W CW SM 2.0-2.1 µm Ho-doped fibre laser

• Photovoltaic material processing using Demo Laser 2: 20 W, 10 mJ pulse energy Ho-doped pulsed 2.0-2.1 µm Q-switched fibre laser

• Operational short pulse devices in the 2-2.1 µm regime using Demo Laser 3: 100 W, sub-ps SM short pulse 2 µm fibre MOPA with Ho-doped fibre power amplifier.

However, we would like to hear about any potential two micron fibre laser applications.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Bruce Napier (


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